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Penyelenggara : Adipsi & ICSHGS Unitas Plg , 2017
ISSN : 978-602607620-5
Penulis : M. Fadhillah Harnawansyah, ,


REFORM ELECTORAL SYSTEM LEGISLATIVE REGION IN EFFORTS TO IMPROVE THE EFFECTIVENESS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT ABSTRACT Oleh: M. FADHILLAH HARNAWANSYAH (Lecturers Fisip University of Musi Rawas and college students graduate program Phd prodi political science Fisip University of Padjadjaran) The regional legislative election system in the future that is capable of giving birth to the representatives of the people of the areas that qualified and very caring towards his constituents (political representation), as well as conducting elections that can enhance the effectiveness of local governance. This study focused on the material of the harmony system of regional legislative elections with other systems, which have an impact on the effectiveness of local governance. In this study problems that have emerged is due to the lack of harmony within between system for the legislative, kepartaian system, political system, the local government system, and the social and cultural system, which flourished in the community, so this is certainly had an impact less attention to the effectiveness of local government on this public welfare the area. The study was carried out by using the method qualitative a sort of descriptive set, with using a technique observation participants directly; to study to be able to provide a picture in more accurate and deep.In this study, we did process of analysis data by using the method triangualasi data, whether documentation and between respondents were interviewed and a literature study; it is of course purpose of giving the findings of the study more objective. As a local governments that evenly distributed regional autonomy there an election system is use the appropriate district, so that will yield form of government legality of the predominantly; and finally produce local governments that effective and stable. Here are 4 the affect system for the legislative is a kepartaian system, political system, social and cultural system, and the local government. Hence, to embody harmonisation between sistem’s has to be in accommodation in the legislature of policy in The prevailing regulations.

Keyword : Key word: The regional legislative election system, and the effectiveness of local governance
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